Article I

The purpose of this website is to provide professional, secure and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services to the majority of digital asset enthusiasts and users around the world without violating the relevant laws and regulations of the United States of America. However, if your country or region belongs to a jurisdiction that explicitly prohibits digital asset transactions or is included in the list of relevant sanctioned countries, you should prohibit the use of services under this website.


Article II

This platform is committed to creating a compliant, secure, and reliable digital asset trading environment for users. Users are prohibited from using this website for all illegal trading activities or illegal acts such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, and malicious manipulation of the market. To this end, we make every effort to formulate strict anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism programs and take effective security risk control measures to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of users and maintain the platform itself with a good brand reputation.


Article III

When the competent authority presents the corresponding investigation documents and requires this website to cooperate with the investigation of designated users, or to take measures such as sealing, freezing or transfer of user accounts, this website will verify the validity and authenticity of judicial documents, According to the request of the authority authorized by the platform to assist in providing corresponding user data or performing corresponding operations, the privacy of the user, the inoperability of the account, and other losses caused to the user caused by this, etc., the website does not assume any responsibility.


Article IV

Users who use the services of this website should know before the transaction: digital assets are not supported by any government or central bank, and the price of digital assets fluctuates greatly. Holding or using digital assets has a high risk. Before making a trading decision, you should be rational and prudent in your financial situation to determine whether it is suitable for you.


Article V

If the user of this website violates the laws of the United States of America because of violation of the provisions of this statement, as a service provider, this website is obliged to improve the rules and services of the platform. However, this website does not have the motivation and In fact, no joint liability is assumed for the actions of users.


Article VI

Anyone who logs into this website or uses the services of this website directly or indirectly is deemed to be willing to be bound by the statement of this website.


Article VII

For issues not covered in this statement, please refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the United States of America. When this statement conflicts with the relevant laws and regulations of the United States of America, the relevant laws and regulations of the United States of America shall prevail